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10 Tips for Healthy Sleep Habits

Sleep is a really important part of our lives and lack of it or poor quality sleep affects so many people I come into contact with. Here are my top 10 tips for good sleep hygiene. Many of these are mentioned by HeadSpace in their Sleep Fact Sheet found at: https://headspace.org.au/assets/Factsheets/HSP225-Sleep-Fact-Sheet-DP3.pdf and by the Sleep Health Foundation at:


Here's the top ten I like from their great info sheets on sleep and tips for improving it...

1. Sleep Routine: Aim to get to bed and wake at around at the same time each day.

2. No Electronics in the Bedroom: Turn off your phone, TV, laptop at least 30 mins before bedtime. If you have to have it in the bedroom for an alarm or security, put it on flight mode.

3. Try not to worry about having a bad sleep. Not everyone needs the same amount.

4. Get some natural light in the morning if possible. Your body clock uses light exposure to determine it's cycle and reset mechanisms.

5. Exercise or Meditation helps: Light exercise earlier in the day or meditation practised at lunchtime or in the evening could help you relax more at night.

6. Bed is for Sleep or Sex only: Avoid using bed for work or watching TV, this way your body associates the bed with sleep.

7. Check the Temp: Studies show the optimal bedroom environment should be dark, cool and quiet. (Suggestions are btwn 16-18C) You could also try a heavier blanket, weather permitting. Weightier covers are said to reduce anxiety and increase production of relaxation hormones.

8. Limit Stimulants: Try to avoid coffee, energy drinks & soft drinks after lunchtime.

9. Avoid alcohol before bed: It might make you sleepy initially, but it makes it less likely to get a good restful sleep with alcohol in your system.

10. Remind your body how to relax: Try practising Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques or Meditation each night before trying to get to sleep, just to remind your body and mind how to relax. You could also try taking a warm bath or shower before bed, something to signal to your body and mind it's bedtime!

I sincerely hope these sleep tips help you improve your quantity and quality of sleep.

For more information on how we may be able to help you with your sleep, please feel free to contact me on tranquilsoul8@gmail.com

Kind Regards

Julie Daniels

The Tranquil Soul Wellbeing Centre

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