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How I came to be a Kinesiologist...

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

by Julie Daniels

My first experience of Kinesiology left me intrigued…. after searching for many, many months for answers to my increasing unwellness, stomach and side pains, constant internal squeezing feelings, nausea, constant acid reflux, eczema, brain fog, lethargy and increasing lack of energy and motivation to do everyday tasks (which I had never experienced before), the answers (or lack thereof) from doctors were just not cutting it for me. My massage therapist/acupuncturist suggested I have blood screening for among other things, gluten allergy/intolerance and the results showed positive markers and high nutrient deficiency.

Unwilling to submit to invasive medical intervention, I wanted to find out more and after researching gluten intolerance and coeliac disease, I came across several references to Kinesiology for determining and help with food intolerances. I contacted WA Kinesiology Association and found a recommended practitioner nearby who was also a Naturopath and more. After a comprehensive Kinesiology session with him, I implemented his recommendations and saw improvements almost straight away, though the biggest shift came around the 4-6 month mark once my body had had time to consolidate the repair process and integrate a few additional Kinesiology sessions. Finally someone listened and treated me as a whole, I felt so much better, my symptoms had subsided, my head had cleared the fogginess, my skin had cleared and my energy was back. I actually felt like I was getting the nutrients from my food for the first time in a long time! And there began my intrigue with Kinesiology. How was this possible? It worked for me, but how? And I had to know more….

Over the next 10 years or so, I had sessions when needed and every time I was amazed at what my body and subconscious knew that my conscious mind did not and how my body could heal itself, once the stressors and obstacles removed.

The biggest impact for me was after the emergency birth of our first child and various complications, I experienced a complete physical and emotional health crisis and although it was the hardest thing I have ever experienced, looking back it was when the most significant changes happened for me. I felt like I’d been cut open and completely emptied out, because everything I thought I knew about myself and our lives had been turned upside down and inside out.

In a very dark place, the days and weeks seemed like months, although they probably weren’t, we’d been in and out of doctors, specialists, counselling and the like, and then I was finally able to see my Kinesiologist (he had returned from teaching overseas) and I remember being driven away from that appointment feeling like there was finally a ray of light in this dark place I was in. Someone was really listening to me and understood. Things just kept on improving from there and we rebuilt ourselves and our lives, healing (physically, spiritually and emotionally), growing, learning and developing confidence in knowing that our body has the answers, someone just has to ask the right questions, listen and do what is needed to heal.

Over the following 10 + years I bought the odd Kinesiology book here and there, and at times just found myself researching, googling and generally attracted to complementary health and kinesiology. After a few years at home with our beautiful kids (we have 2 now – after I eventually worked up the courage to have another), I found myself wanting to learn again and return to some sort of profession at some point looking forward, and although I enjoyed my careers in commerce, finance and human resources, I didn’t feel the urge to go back to those fields as a career. I wanted to help others feel understood the way I was.

While pondering what I’d like to do I found myself stumbling upon an ad for a Kinesiology College Open Day in the newspaper, I went along, loved what I heard about the scope of its benefits and booked into an introductory weekend. Three and a half years later I was a qualified Kinesiologist with an Advanced Diploma in Energetic Kinesiology and here I am today now with my own Wellbeing Centre.

I never imagined even just a few years ago that I’d be a Kinesiologist, but once I started it just felt so natural, it feels like this is what I’m meant to do and I love it!

What is it that I do?

Of the many explanations of Kinesiology, I love this one by Melissa Farrugia - Kinesiologist, mentor and writer I found in an article for Twosixmagazine…

“Kinesiology literally means the study of movement: the movement of your body, your energy, your emotions, your biochemistry and the movement of your life.

Kinesiology is all about being in flow, in balance and bringing you to a place where you are in alignment with your truth (the stuff that lights you up & makes you smile), and living up to your potential.

Kinesiology works directly with your body via muscle (monitoring): connecting in with your body’s biofeedback system, which pinpoints stress and energy blocks by accessing your cellular memory. Each of the trillions of cells within your body has its own memory bank, which is how you’re able to remember repetitive actions, recognise familiar places etc.

Once we’ve found where the energy block or stress is, muscle (monitoring) also shows what is required to diffuse the stress and bring you back to balance – it could be through acupressure points, a chakra clearing, a specific emotion released, stress around a memory cleared or any other holistic technique (in our kit) that may required.

I like to think of Kinesiology as being a door to your conscious and subconscious self, where out-dated beliefs, behaviours and stresses are unlocked and released from your body, your mind and your energetic self.

At the end of the day, everything is energy, and if there is a block in that energy flow creating stress for you and in your life, Kinesiology will help to clear that stress and move you to a more positive place.” (http://twosixmag.com.au/meet-melissa-farrugia-holistic-kinesiologist/

The outcome is that clients feel more aware and connected to the wisdom of their bodies, empowered, confident and generally experience an increased sense of balance in their lives.

What happens in a Kinesiology Session?

Most of the time, when you go to see a Kinesiologist, you’ll be working towards some kind of goal or outcome: How do you want to feel? How do you want to live? What do you want to achieve?....You can think big here...

So first we refine what you’d like to work on, then during the Kinesiology Session you lay fully clothed on a massage table and we then use gentle muscle monitoring to tap into your bodys’ biofeedback system and identify stressors and imbalances which may be blocking your bodys’ natural capabilities in this area and the techniques that will be required to restore balance. We apply a variety of techniques based on the feedback from your body including balancing energy meridians, chakras, aura, acupressure, neurolymphatic & neurovascular acupoints, sound & vibrational remedies, plant & flower essences, emotional stress diffusion techniques, specific body movements and nutritional optimisation, all determined by your own individual needs, identified through muscle monitoring.

Balancing your physical, emotional and spiritual energy and wellbeing in this way, allows your body to unlock its very own intelligence and healing potential.

- Our body has the answers, someone just has to ask the right questions, listen and do what is needed to heal. - Among many other things, Kinesiology can help:

- relieve pain and discomfort

- reduce and alleviate stress and anxiety

- improve sleep & restfulness

- balance hormonal and endocrine imbalances

- help manage muscular and nervous system disorders

- alleviate allergies, food sensitivities and digestive issues

- assist with emotional issues and learning difficulties

- stimulate energies, release untapped potential and much more.

Or :

  • If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut

  • Feel out of whack, though unsure why

  • Lack clarity & connection to self

  • Want to set and reach bigger and better goals for yourself and your life

  • Want to boost your self-confidence & self-worth; and

  • Break through self-sabotage, negative patterns and destructive cycles

Kinesiology can help with this too.

What I value in my practice...

I value integrity, knowledge, understanding and compassion, and through Kinesiology I enjoy helping my clients make positive changes in their lives, bringing happiness and wellbeing into their everyday.

To let me help you restore balance to your physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing, you can contact me direct on 0435 441 008 to discuss your needs and arrange a consultation or you can check out information, available times or book online at www.tranquilsoul.appointy.com

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