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Tips for Happy Kids

I read a great article by Professor Steve Zubrick and Angie Tomlinson on the weekend in the Health+Medicine magazine in The West Australian and thought I would share some of the key insights and 'Tips for Happy Kids' ... For Kids

- Aim for achievement, not prizes.

- Be kind to yourself - avoid being your own harshest critic. (You too parents ;-)

- School education is important but it's not everything - learning continues throughout life.

- Try new things and find group and individual activities to enjoy.

For Parents

- Let kids fail - don't try and sweep all obstacles from a child's path and create the illusion that everything works our easily.

- Give kids emotional support in the face of a challenge. Cheer them on to keep trying and reassure them with love.

- Understand that children aren't gleeful every minute of the day - happiness can't be assessed from moment to moment, try to take a long view.

- Encourage kids to play sport or do activities with groups to learn new skills - but let them make their own choices. Some of the other keys points I picked up from Professor Steve and Angie's article - The Best Future for Our Kids - were:

- Kids don't need an environment filled with toys, it's really about the relationship between the parent and the child. - Children value time with their parents - happiness stems from the bond between child and parent.

- Establishing a good, dependable, secure relationship is so important.

- A child that feels confident, supported and loved can confidently and easily explore and learn about the world around them.

And I think Professor Steve sums it up best by saying...the best thing you can do for your child's future happiness is to make them feel secure, safe and loved. Hope this information has been helpful. #health #wellbeing #happiness #kids #future #parenting #relationships #family #tips #tranquilsoulwa

Source Article by Professor Steve Zubrick and Angie Tomlinson published in the West Australian H+M Magazine 1 Sept 2018


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